James Smith
The James Smith Company
President & Founder, Lead Speaker
Financial Education

Possessing more than three decades of real estate investment experience, nationally recognized financial coach James Smith serves as President of the James Smith Company. James Smith began his career immediately after graduating from high school, purchasing his first home at the age of 18. Shortly thereafter, James Smith sold the property, netted a large profit, and began to consider real estate’s potential as a wealth-building tool. Establishing a solid foundation in business, James Smith enrolled at Bethany Nazarene College in Oklahoma, now known as Southern Nazarene University. As a student, James Smith immersed himself in his studies, exhibiting great determination to succeed while undertaking accelerated coursework. As a result of his dedication to academics, James Smith graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration after only three years. In the ensuing years, James Smith dedicated his time and energy as an employee of industry-leading corporations such as Xerox and Polaroid. During his tenure at these organizations, James Smith honed his skills as a businessman in preparation for establishing his own venture. Founding the James Smith Company and The Coaching Company in 2008, James Smith soon gained national exposure in the real estate industry, functioning as a mentor, trainer, and sought-after speaker. In addition to assisting thousands of individuals to attain their financial goals through his work with The Coaching Company, James Smith is a regular presence at real estate conferences throughout the country. In the recent past, James Smith has spoken on the topic of real estate investment at events featuring well-known public figures, including Bill Clinton, Steve Forbes, George Bush Senior, Colin Powell, and Rudolph Giuliani. In conjunction with his investment coaching and busy speaking schedule, James Smith donates his time and energy to community-building organizations including Habitat for Humanity and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. A longtime supporter of Meals on Wheels, James Smith is committed to doing all he can for those in need. A devoted husband and father, James Smith enjoys traveling, antiquing, and gardening in his spare time. To learn more about the James Smith Company and The Coaching Company, visit www.jamessmithcompany.com.

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